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Importance of Shape




Every shape in nature has definite role to play.

 Environmental circumstances and conditions dictate shape, and other qualities of living and non-living entities.

The right angle represents the existence, a thought (purush) and the sphere represents the shadow of existence, a sentiment (prakriti).


The right angle with the spiral flow of energy forms the sacred and growing shape.

The helix or the spiral has been considered as a shape that is union of right angle and a sphere.

The circle represents a state of flux, the expanding energy from it's centre evolving it's shape, ultimately culminating in the square.


Squares and rectangles represent dynamically balanced figures and shapes.

 Squares and rectangles match their axes with geo-magnetic axis.

Force lines of gravitation and magnetism do not form any zigzag pattern in square and rectangle.

The flow of elementary particles through such figures will hardly intersect the network of force lines.

This will lead to a healthy, good and salubrious cosmic environment.


The most prefered shape in the vastushastra is square as it does justice to all the eight directions. The square symbolises order, stability, and the final state of evolving life. It is perfection beyond life and death. The essence of the square is retained by any mandala as long as the area is kept unaltered. It embodies prithvai tatwa which in turn symbolises shabda (speech), sparsha (touch), roop (shape), rasa (taste), and gandha (smell), the entities catalysts of wordly pleasures.


Rectangles with the minor axis along the east-west direction and major axis along the north-south will have the least lateral perimeter exposure to the sun, resulting in cooler and shadow sections, whereas in the reverse case where the minor axis is along the north-south direction, a very large perimeter gets exposed to the sun which is objectionable in vastushastra.



Any excessively high temperature characteristics create disturbance in magnetic force lines, imparting them with random zigzag pathways leading to cosmic hazards. Hence in old structures, thick walls are found on the south side which has outstanding characteristics to resist radiation effects.


Preferred shapes are 40 feet x 45 feet;  10 feet x 20 feet;  10 feet x 30 feet;  10 feet x 40 feet

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