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Vastu Padvinyasa

Vastupadavinysa  / Pada Vinyasais a square yantra (Grid), which is used for architectural purpose and represents the ritual form of Vastupurusha.

Navasiti Padvinyasa (81 divisions)

Nava-pada (nine divided site) corresponds to Paramasayika Mandala (81 squares).Building for residential purpose should be built in the Vaastupurusha Mandala having 81 divisions.

Ashtashiti Padvinyasa (64 divisions)

Ashta-pada (eight divided site) corresponds to Manduka/Chandita Mandala(64 square) . The normal position of the Vaastu Purusha- head in North-East, legs in South-West- is as depicted in the Paramasaayika Mandala. However,in the Manduka Mandala the Vaastu Purusha is depicted with head towards East and feet towards West.Town or village planning and Raaja Shibir should be planned in the 64 divisions “Chatuhshasthipada Vaastumandala


Dasashiti Padvinyasa (100 divisions)

Dasa-pada (ten divided site) corresponds to (100 squares).The ShatPada Vaastupurushamandala is built having (10x10) = 100 divisions.It is used for the construction of mandir, temples,forts , cities, towers for public places.Huge buildings, temples and marriage halls should be built in the Vaastupurushamandala having 100 divisions.

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