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Vastu Tips: Residiantial    


While constructing a residential building/House, the following things should be taken into account

  1. Selection of appropriate land
  2. Compound walls
  3. Direction of main entrance of Bhavana and Vastu(Plot) and situation at proper 'PADA' of that direction
  4. Auspicious and inauspicious surroundings
  5. Avoid SHUL and VEDH
  6. The direction and placement of doors and windows
  7. Avoid construction/beam/wall/coloumn on MARMASTHANA( sensitive points)
  8. Maintain magnetic axis orientation
  9. Types of buildings (Single floor, duplex, flatted system, row houses etc.)
  10. Internal room arrangements
  11. Water storage tank, sink, overhead tank
  12. septic tanks and outlets
  13. Colour scheme and wall paintings
  14. Plantations
  15. Car parking position
  16. Verandah
  17. Place for pets......And many more things as well ..




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