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Door Planning According To Vastu Purush    





Impact of Entrances at Various Locations

Given below is a description of the effect of an entrance on the life of an individual. Most often, people say that they are not experiencing the effect; in such cases it is found that they have not measured the angles correctly and are calculating the position approximately. In such matters, one should be as exact as possible.
Each side has been divided into 9 equal parts and each part has been numbered. The effect of each location is as below.


East side

1.  (Shikhi/Eeash/ Ish/Agni) -Ne (head Forehead) - Anxiety, Anger, Atmosphere like fights, very fiery atmosphere - loss due to  fire -  Fire hazard and misery. 

2.  (Parjanya/ Parojaya  )  - East  (eye Right eye) - Misery and agony for women of house .

No boys are born, Only girl children are born, Lady of the house will be egoistic - female growth

3. (Jayant /Jaya) - East  (ear Right eye) - People staying there are very generous with big heart staying, Good donors for OTHERS Wealth gain , glory, progress - Prosperity

4. (Mahendra/Indra) - East (neck,Right shoulder)- gain in ancestral anxiety Rajyoga, Blessing from others so very good, The best door entrance -  Success in government work , gov favor.

5. (Ravi/Sun/surya)) - East (shoulders Right hand) - Mental torture, anger after some limit, logical anger, anger is good - lack of peace Surya

6. (Satya / Sadya) - East (arm Right hand) Adverse effects on female, progeny Lier, khoterpana - false accusation      

7.   (Bhrush/Bhrisha/ Barisham) - East (middle hand Right hand) - Mental relativity , fear from enemies , Krurta, Big lesson even for a small mistake - cruelty or unpleasantness.

8.   (Nabh/ Akash) - East(elbow Right elbow), - Fear from thieves. Automatic disappearance of an object, People staying will have tendency for theft   eg.  Kleptomania  - loss due to theft .   

9.  (Anil/Agni /Vahuhu) - South east (forearm Joint places Knee, elbow)

 - Ailment to son. Monetary loss.(fire) fear of fire and enemy etc. Few children , No children as the -Y- chromosomes are reduced in the man of the house - loss due to fire, financial loss, damage to male child  


South side

10. (Pusha/ Pushna) - South (wrist, Right knee) - Agony caused by friends and family members Not having its own views, To become and stay like slaves - insubordination -

11. (Vitath/ Vitatha/Vithya) -South (side, Right foot) - Good results, A person with small heart, Meanness -Meanness

12. (Gurukshat/ Ghriha /Kritanta /brhatksata) - South (side, Right foot) - Birth of son, progress, monetary gains. Merry making, All type of happiness, Sudden gain of wealth, Chappar pharke types - prosperity, human growth

13. (Yama) - South (thigh), Anger, Very  hot tempered, Aar ya par, If and only if something goes wrong - inauspicious

14. (Gandharv /Gandharva)   - South (knee, Right foot) - Loss of prestige, low status Ingratitude, Not being thankful for favors done by others -  ungratefulness

15. (Bhngraj/Bringavaja) - South (thigh ) Fear from Rulers (government department, IT dept.) inspite everything being ok Bankruptcy (theft) - financial loss

16. (Mrug/ Mriga) - South(buttock, Right foot) - Fear from thieves Children will go far (not related to death), The elders will not be respected, Loss of authority and children. - damage to capabilities to son

17. (Pitru/ Pitara ) - South(feet),  Physical trouble from children, Dusta, Very big problems in relationship(murder of anybody, even children or spouse), Suicide, Murder,( Prostitution if guru is bad) - trouble to son, unwanted expenses


West side

18. (Douvarika/Darepale ) -   (buttock)- Increase in enmity, No relationship with society, excess expenditure due to jealousy - enmity

19. (Sigriv /Sugriva) -(shank) - Monetary loss & children, The children will be respectful and spend more and undue - financial loss .

20. (Pushpdant /Pushpadanta) - (knee) -Gain of son and money, Name & fame (The best place in West) - Financial and Human growth .

21. (Varun/ Varuna /jajaldi-paha) - (thigh) - Gain of wealth -    Financial and Human growth.

22. (Asur/ Daitya) - (side) - Rulers Warth, Undue mental harassments from court, department, and people - gov harassment, financial loss.

23. Shosh / Sesha - (side), Shosh_ Sudden loss of wealth like share trading,  juaa etc. without any reason - financial loss

24. (Papyakshm / Yakshma) - (wrist) - Multiple complications of health, (Pati-Patni aur wo), Doing sin and when exceeds a lot then getting sick and unhappy, Permanent daridrta and bad health - sickness

25. (Roga) -(forearm)-  If Rahu is bad then Killing or imprisonment, Disagreement, Ras rang, Mujra,Rangshala , but if door then very bad. If rahu is bad (there is dosha), but if rahu is good (no dosha) then there is  budh - tragic   death, accidental injury, imprisonment.


North side

26. (Nag) - (elbow) - Enmity & Fear from own children, The children staying here will be outline & out vision - enmity

27. (Mukha /Mukhya) - (middle hand) - Increase of children, wealth, Having good children - happiness

28. (Bhallat/ Bhallata) - (arm)- Increase in virtues, Get money with principles - financial gain and human growth .

29. (Soma) -(shoulders)- Gain of wealth, , Get money with principles - all types of gains

30. (Charak / bhujaga / Sarpa -) (neck ) -  Increase in enmity with sons due to not understanding (matbheda) - enmity with son

31. (Aditi) -(ear) - Faults of women< The ladies of house 0will go on wrong track- defects in females

32. (Diti) - (eye)-Poverty, Loss of money, Very poor - failure, unsuccessful, loss due to fire.



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