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Vedic Vastushastra is a science of construction, which helps the mankind to understand the influences of energy on habitat. It helps to analyse and balance the 5 elements and 9 directions which are present in the house. If any element is missing or negative it will disturb the wavelength present in that place.

Humans have a very sensitive dynamic web of energy. The brain blocks the aggression which is caused due to disturbance in frequencies. One can include missing elements, by using the bio-symbols or doing the vedic rituals according to vedic vastu principles. If it is not possible then other tools are used to remove the confusion from the brain which was generated due to missing element.

Such rectifications done, helps the brain to delete missing element from the cellular memory and interpret it in another way. This type of replacement balances the energy present there and creates total harmony in ones life.



Vastu for plots:


We should examine the levels, angels, its size and the shape etc. and see whether it satisfies the Vastu principles, if not the plot should be corrected by additions & alterations.



Vastu for building:


Any structure whether it is residential house, office, Business concern, Temple, Theatre, Factory, Hotel should be built according to VASTU.



Vastu for flats:


Construction of flats as per Vastu is not that simple. The number of flats in one complex, common walls of adjacent flats, placement of kitchen & bathroom - all these, make things complicated. Nevertheless, if one follows meticulously the principles of Vastu in the selection of the plot & construction of building, satisfactory results could be obtained in majority of cases.

Vastu consultant can diagnose the problem and provide right solution at right place.