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For House, Flats, Bungalow, Kothi and other Residential Places etc.


Office, Shops, Showrooms, Hotels, Fast food centres, Nursing home, Clinic, Banquet halls, Society , Apartments, Factory, Heavy Industry, Redevelopment, Mills  etc. 




Layout map

Layout map according to Vastu and Fengshui and Interior Layout Plan with Colour options.


When we are on site:


·        Be ready with pen and paper to write down the changes, remedies and enhancers.

·        Be free from all communication devices like mobile phone, telephones etc.

·        Concerned family member should be present.

·        Clear all the doubts at very time of discussion.

·        Make a complete list of problems that has to be discussed.


General Analysis for Residential or Commercial Premises (in Mumbai)

Consultation in office: Rs. 2500/-(Minimum)

Visit charge for Mumbai –Rs. 5100/- (Minimum)

Charges may vary depending on dimensions and requirements of the site.




Contact number:   (M) +91-9867312890