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Redevelopment today is a matter where the question is about demolishing old and dilapidated buildings and to develop vertical structures in place. If you need to reform the city in accordance with the international norms, you will have to choose the option of high-rise sky-scrapers making way for spacious roads and facilities.

Although the redevelopment of the city can be a remedy to all the woes, there is just about a gold rush to acquire old properties for redevelopment. It goes without question that such acquisition of properties many a times turn in to a nightmare for everyone involved due to the various obstacles.

A surer way to get confident about the redevelopment project is to seek the truths and remedial measures clearly exhibited in VASTUSHASTRA. This helps in smooth and satisfactory completion of the project. VASTUSHASTRA is a traditional metaphysical science of Indian origin. It has been acclaimed as the most comprehensive and effective method to resolve the problems of any structure. VASTUSHASTRA is a versatile combination of science and spirituality. Just as any other science, VASTUSHASTRA was left untouched till there was a need for peace of mind, but when the people buddle in FSI and sq. ft. saw the negative influences of a bad vastu, they woke up from sleep and started to look for viable VASTUSHASTRA suggestions.

VASTUSHASTRA is a science that attunes us with mother-nature. Human-body is a shelter for soul, home is a shelter for human body and this shelter is situated in the universe. The entire universe, along with vastu and human body are made up of five elements namely the earth, water, fire, air and the sky.

A smooth exchange of energy between the human body and the nature takes place only when the structural arrangement of the vastu is linked favorably. The inhabitants of vastu are benefited with energies of mother-nature.

For families residing in own houses, with limited vastushastra compliance, the progress-peace-prosperity-health and harmony get restricted. They now have an opportunity to select their future homes or business premises totally as per vastushastra. This will ensure bright and successful remaining life and the future of their children.

VASTUSHASTRA is especially quite beneficial to developers, who are planning to take up redevelopment projects. Planning and designing of the projects as per vastushastra will ensure smooth and faster completion of projects without obstacles. It will also be useful in cost control and increased yields and credibility.

VASTUSHASTRA has to do justice with architectural science, government bye-laws, practical project aspects and the principles of science. It is possible to bring the houses positive up to 75% - 85% against the 40 % at present. Remedial measures are also possible.

For those in the old buildings this comes as an opportunity to insist for VASTUSHASTRA approach so that they get their new abodes totally satisfying on all levels. A small step in this direction brings benefits for generations.

All the present inhabitants of old buildings please note that this is golden opportunity for them to have their future houses as per vastushastra without any extra cost even to the developers the cost of vastushastra incorporation is very very negligible as compared with tremendous benefits they are going to get from vastushastra.

This knowledge is applied to the design and construction of new buildings, renovations or remediation (fixing sick buildings).