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Our Aim


  1. The sole motive is to prove that 5000 years old vastu is a powerful science and its importance to living beings even in today modern times.
  2. Its introduction to one's life helps to balance the Symbolic use of panch maha bhootas  and attain a balanced and healthy life.
  3. The house which is made with perfect vastu and balanced energies is forced to shower all types of health, wealth and happiness to lead a progressive life.
  4. Our goal is to give a scientific approach to this traditional and orthodox pseudo-science of  shastra.
  5. The houses which aren't according to the rules of Vastu shastra are suffering from health problems, financial problems, differences between husband and wife, educational problems of children, jobs and career related problems etc.
  6. The inspection of vastu is performed on purely scientific norms.
  7. Major faults and minor faults in vastu are enlisted according to vedic vastu literature. Knowledge based discussions include vedic vastushastra references like Mayamatam, Mansar, Vishwakarma etc. 
  8. Vastu remedies done are completely based on ancient Indian Vastu literature (Vedic Vastu shastra) amalgam with modern techniques.
  9. Its authenticity is made by doing remedies to balance the 5 elements and land energies to get benefits and lead a peaceful, healthy wealthy and prosperous life. .


About :

Her journey into the world of Vastu was by a chance and she always describes this is as destiny. Since 1999 till l now, she is doing research and learning new techniques in identifying the scientific basis of vastu shastra.  


As human body attracts and absorbs the negative or positive energy present in the surroundings. Its effects are reflected in day to day precedings respectively. By balancing/enhancing positive energy of the place results to positive approach to achieve desired goals in life without hurdles.


These days the Energy level in vastu space is measurable by using a German instrument called Lecher Antenna. Hence, while doing the rectification of negative vastu spaces the energy fluctuations is more specific and precisely recorded.


Authentic vastu & Geo-Pathy corrections are done using metals, precious and semiprecious stones, crystals, marble, plants, water, fire etc. as per suggestion in ancient vedic scripts. Later the energy levels attained are verified using modern instruments.